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Argent Tape & Label Takes the Cake in the Food and Beverage Labeling Sector

Argent Tape & Label Takes the Cake in the Food and Beverage Labeling Sector

Michigan Company Helps Keep Consumers Safe and Their Foods Fresh

Many consumers are drawn to bright, unique and attractive packaging when they’re roaming the aisles of their local grocery stores. We may be tempted to throw an item in our cart based solely on an eye-catching label. But how often do consumers really get down to the nitty-gritty and inspect the packaging that their food items come in? While these details may be overlooked by some consumers, Argent Tape & Label has dedicated its efforts to creating attractive packaging that helps keeps foods fresh and consumers safe.

Located in Plymouth, Michigan, Argent Tape & Label is a premier food packaging and labeling company providing innovative solutions that are at the forefront of their industry. From those stickers you see on your organic fruit to durable labels that withstand long-term freezing and refrigeration, Argent is committed to helping brands put their best faces forward while assuring consumers get all of the critical information about the products they’re buying in clear and easy-to-read labels.

No one wants to buy leaky packages of bacon or gallons of milk with the labels peeling off. Situations like this can compromise a product’s and brand’s integrity or lead to the spread of bacteria or food-borne illnesses. By creating durable solutions that last for the lifetime of the product, Argent helps assure that the products consumers buy at the grocery store are tightly sealed and safe for consumption.

The Argent team boasts over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage labeling industry and has enjoyed being a premier player in the market since 2010. And backed by a team that is laser-focused on client satisfaction and consumer safety, it’s no wonder they are a leader in the industry. Argent’s success speaks for itself, as in just under a decade, the company’s revenues have grown over 400%. Companies desire a partner dedicated to quality labeling and packaging solutions, and Argent delivers on these promises again and again.

And Argent’s commitment to consumers doesn’t stop at attractive packaging that’s durable. They pay close attention to FDA regulations regarding food and beverage packaging to assure that all of their labeling and packaging materials are compliant with federal regulations, so you never have to doubt the quality or safety of your products’ packaging.

As the food and beverage industry continues to grow and change, especially leaning toward healthier and eco-friendlier options, Argent will continue to lead the way in innovation and delivering solutions that help protect consumers and food and beverage companies alike.