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Automotive Labels from Argent Tape & Label

Having high-performance vehicle and car labels no matter if it’s for the interior, exterior or under the hood is a critical element in helping you succeed as trusted player in the automotive industry. Argent Tape & Label is your dependable automotive label manufacturer that helps you live life in the fast lane of industry success with high-quality auto labels and stickers.

Challenge Accepted

The automotive industry provides unique challenges in the labeling world. From extreme temperatures to tough weather conditions, it is essential that you partner with a label company that understands the needs of such a diverse industry.

Argent Tape & Label is proud to be located in the heart of the automotive industry in Detroit, Michigan. Our proximity to the heart of the nation’s auto industry gives us an unparalleled view of and unrivalled expertise in labeling solutions and needs for the auto industry.

Labels Built to Last

Automotive labels carry critical information for both manufacturers and consumers. Label information must stay intact no matter how much grease or how high of a temperature it is subjected to. We use the highest quality materials that are proven to stand up to the most extreme conditions to ensure the integrity of the information you need to share with the world.

Your Whole-Vehicle Label Solution

We provide labels for the whole vehicle. Whether you need a glovebox tag, window stickers or labels for engine compartments, we deliver solutions that help keep your foot on the accelerator of success in the automotive industry.

And we believe in options, too. Whether you need simple one-color labels or a four-color process label, we have the solution to every sticky automotive situation that will help bring you across the finish line first.

Specialty Labels for the Auto Industry

We offer automotive labeling solutions in a variety of adhesives and printing processes to deliver exactly what you need.

  • Digital printing for custom product part numbers
  • Custom tags for interior parts or gloveboxes
  • Flexographic printing for a variety of label substrates
  • Thermal print solutions for high-temp situations
  • And more

Contact Argent Tape & Label today and experience the difference quality materials and automotive industry know-how can make in your success.