Benefits of Female Business Ownership

When Lynn Perenic became the owner of Argent Tape and Label in January 2010, she joined the growing ranks of female business owners who are competing effectively with male colleagues and competitors. In her role as owner of Argent Tape and Label, Lynn has created a collaborative and inclusive culture within Argent Tape and Label that has boosted productivity over the last four years. Because every employee feels valued for their unique contribution to the business, the workforce derives a sense of job satisfaction that has a positive impact on both the employees and the business.

Female business owners often bring a different outlook and approach to leadership than their male counterparts that can help businesses compete in a highly connected marketplace. Studies have shown that women’s and men’s brains are wired differently, with women tending to excel at communication and language. Women tend to be more empathic and enjoy working in partnership, giving many women a natural tendency to work collaboratively.

Communication is Key:

Within the print industry, there is a need for businesses to communicate regularly with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The needs of customers can change on a daily (or even hourly) basis. It is vital that business owners are open to hearing about changes in requirements and responding to alterations to orders to ensure that customers are satisfied. Effective communication channels can reduce the possibility that an error will occur.

Collaboration with Stakeholders:

By collaborating with suppliers and partners, printing businesses can leverage an advantage over their competitors. Many women in senior positions find that they have a naturally collaborative style that allows them to involve suppliers and partners in joint working. Strong, collaborative networks can help businesses deliver high-quality results, even during challenging economic times.

Introducing a Flexible Work Culture:

Many women still shoulder the bulk of caring responsibilities, whether for children or older relatives. This understanding of the need for work to fit around external commitments helps many female business owners to introduce and sustain a flexible work culture that benefits employees of all genders and ages.

Flexible workplaces understand that, provided employees get the work done, they can have control over start and finish times. Working from home or being allowed leave to attend to caring responsibilities can help employees to achieve a beneficial work-life balance. When employees feel that they have control over aspects of their working life, satisfaction levels can rise, leading to increases in efficiency and productivity.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council:

Businesses that are owned by women can be certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). The WBENC has been certifying women-owned businesses since 1995. This highly respected organization assists women to network, collaborate, and compete in business.

By putting successful women in touch with one another, WBENC helps female business owners network and support each other. Through the WBENC organization, female business owners can identify partnership opportunities that could benefit their businesses.