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Argent Tape & Label (ATL) was approached by one of its largest customers with a problem.  This customer was having continued problems with contamination from oil and debris making their way into a critical part needed for the entire assembly to function properly.  To make matters worse, the current solution was expensive and had long lead times, sometimes leaving the production line to wait for parts, costing the company thousands of dollars a day.  ATL was asked to help find solution that could address the issues of high cost, inconsistent performance, shorter lead times, and if possible, a more environmental friendly solution.

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  • Current part wasn’t being adequately protected from debris and oil contamination
  • High cost associated with current design
  • Extremely tight tolerances
  • Long lead times
  • Field failures after POA
  • Excessive waste and not environmentally sound

ATL Takes Action

  • ATL sales and technical team visits with customer and engages engineers to understand the limitations on and expectations of a possible solution
  • Work with suppliers and in house technical experts to identify materials that will meet and/or exceed the demands of the particular application, all while maintaining competitive cost
  • Worked with customer to setup a stock and release program
  • Fixed lead time issues – ATL stocks inventory on hand well in advance of forecast need
  • Helped realize lower cost due to larger volume buying power
  • Develop a “tabbed” release system to ensure there was adequate area to remove label, but still had sufficient area to contact part.  All this while still being able to maintain tight tolerances within spec.
  • Supplied customer with a custom label dispenser line-side for ease of application
  • Helps raise efficiency and speed of application
  • Minimize the effects of contamination by excessive handling of the label


  • Significant cost savings over previous solution
  • Lead time issues resolved, as customer receives a continuous supply of labels weekly
  • ATL truck is available to deliver more parts same day if there is an unexpected rise in demand
  • Less waste – Argent solution has a fraction of the environmental footprint of the previous solution
  • Improved line efficiency – higher throughput with lower manual labor costs
  • Zero defect rate – parts are adequately protected and have eliminated contamination concerns
  • Clean removal without any residue deposits
  • “safety stock” kept on hand to help cover and unexpected need in case of emergency

This solution has greatly helped our customer realize a significant savings in material and labor costs.  They have also been able to realize a drop in waste and have made a positive impact to their environmental footprint.  Our business relationship continues to grow and we have identified several other applications where we have been able to offer similar solutions.  Contact a sales team member at Argent to learn more about this case, or how we can look at your application and help you realize the same type of success!

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