Customer Highlight: Pronko Enterprises

Meet Marie and Al, our customers, owners of Pronko Enterprises and creators of Maria’s House Made Salsa. With six different flavors to choose from, the Pronkos have spent years perfecting all of them. Each favor is?accompanied by?a mascot and personality traits, which are depicted on each label. By choosing a flavor the customer reveals their inner-self.

If you happen to pickup the Mango Cranberry you are then a Bear and “Sweet and Tart”. When you choose the Mild you are “Magnificent and Tame”. The Smoked Ghost Pepper, represented by a Blue Ghost meaning “Fearless and Hot”, is a 2017 Scovie Award Winner. The animal mascots are reminiscent of the Chinese Zodiac and clever marketing on the Pronko’s behalf. Maria’s House Made Salsa was once served at the Pronko’s family restaurant serving Mex-Asian Fusion cuisine.