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ATL Delivers Bigger, Stronger Labeling Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Sector

Michigan Company Delivers Bigger, Stronger Labeling Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Sector

Argent Tape & Label Provides Industrial Strength Products for Companies Worldwide
A Plymouth, Michigan labeling company doesn’t let its size get in the way of delivering bigger and stronger labeling solutions and products to its industrial manufacturing partners. With a small team of dedicated employees that have taken a service-minded approach to the work they do, Argent continues to impress its clients and lead the way in the industrial manufacturing labeling industry.

Plymouth’s Argent Tape & Label has been providing industrial-strength solutions to its partners since 1995. But after the company was purchased by current CEO and owner Lynn Pernic in 2010, business really started booming for Argent. The company operates with a small staff and an Open Book Management culture, which has lead to each employee to think like an owner and do everything they can to lead the business to success. And while its staff is lean in comparison to other industry competitors, that hasn’t slowed Argent down from skyrocketing to success by providing tough-as-nails industrial-grade labeling solutions to the industrial manufacturing sector.

In fact, Pernic credits the company’s small size and customer-service-minded culture to its unrivaled success. Each employee is invested in their business partners’ success and strives to deliver a product that meets their clients’ needs while exceeding their expectations. This customer-focused culture and Argent’s commitment to innovation has resulted in a sales revenue windfall, increasing from $2 million dollars in 2011 to over $6 million in 2017. And the Argent team doesn’t intend to stop there, fueled by goals of not only continuing to increase revenue year-over-year but also becoming the number one choice of labeling solutions for industrial manufacturing companies nationwide.

When working with industrial manufacturing clients, Argent’s team must work with safety in mind. Safety is of utmost importance in the industrial manufacturing industry, and clear and effective labels and signage that withstands the harshest work conditions is imperative. Through using cutting-edge materials and top-of-the-line printing methods, Argent delivers to its industrial manufacturing partners long-lasting products that help keep their equipment in proper running order and their employees safe.

In addition to labeling solutions, Argent also helps industrial manufacturing companies protect their most precious assets their workforce. Argent is a leading manufacturing and supplier of 3M safety products such as HAZMAT suits and low-odor glues that help keep employees safe, happy and healthy.

As the industrial manufacturing sector continues to grow to meet global demands, Argent looks forward to the challenges ahead and to providing innovative solutions that will help the industry thrive.