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Argent Tape and Label Blows the Whistle on Pharmaceutical Fraud

Michigan Labeling Company Blows the Whistle on Pharmaceutical Fraud

Argent Tape & Label Leads the Way in Pharma Labeling Solutions that Prevent Foul Play

Let’s face it: the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are plagued by prescription abuse and fraud. Time and time again, we hear of stories of people fraudulently trying to secure prescriptions under false pretenses or false identities, and deceitful companies don’t think twice about stealing a legitimate pharmaceutical company’s products and trying to pass them off as their own. These dangerous trends can spell disaster both for a patient and for pharmaceutical companies trying to play by the rules. And one Michigan company is leading the charge in blowing the whistle on pharmaceutical fraud and copycatting.

Argent Tape & Label, a Plymouth, Michigan company, is committed to patient safety and helping pharmaceutical companies protect their precious assets and reputations. As fraud continues to increase, Argent has led the way in creating innovative tamper-proof and tamper-evident seals to help protect patients, medical professionals, and pharma companies.

Since the company’s inception in 1995, Argent has been at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical packaging and labeling industry. Our wide variety of tamper-proof labels include those that destroy packaging if removed or labels that leave behind a visible indication on the surface from which they’ve been removed, so patients and doctors can rest assured they are getting and prescribing the critical medications needed. We also offer UV/black light indicator strips for verifying product authenticity for an added level of safety and security. When a patient’s or an honest business’s well-being is at stake, you can trust Argent to step in and create a solution that puts an end to dangerous and fraudulent behavior that threatens that well-being.

And it’s no surprise that Argent is leading the way in combating pharmaceutical fraud. The company’s culture is based on integrity and an overwhelming commitment to client care. Argent’s success has largely come from this caring attitude and its commitment to helping its customers put their best foot forward at all times. This corporate culture has led to numerous innovative labeling products and services that do just that.

Argent’s efforts in preventing pharmaceutical fraud are well-noted and have helped contribute to the company’s overall success. Since 2010, Argent’s revenue stream has grown over 400%, and the company looks to continue to innovate to offer needed solutions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. With Argent by your side, pharmaceutical fraud can be a thing of the past, and you can be confident that your patients are safe and that your brand’s pristine reputation is protected.