Grown in Michigan Labels

Starting At: $7.00

Think Michigan Made! We are dedicated to Michigan products and the people and companies that make, grow, sell and buy them.

These simple little stickers with a BIG message will help enlighten Michigan consumers to what is grown in our great state. Most products are not easily identified as Grown in Michigan and may simply be passed over by unfamiliar buyers. Our simple stickers say Made in Michigan and Grown in Michigan.

SmallSmall - .94"MediumMedium - 2"LargeLarge - 3.75"
Roll of 100Roll of 10024 Rolls of 100Case - 24 Rolls of 100Roll of 250Roll of 25024 Rolls of 250Case - 24 Rolls of 250Roll of 500Roll of 50024 Rolls of 500Case - 24 Rolls of 500Roll of 5000Roll of 5000

Available in three different sizes;
Small (0.94″): Available in rolls of 500, 5,000 and cases of 24 rolls of 500
Medium (2″): Available in rolls of 250 and cases of 24 rolls of 250
Large (3.75″): in quantities of 100 and cases of 24 rolls of 100