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We Support Your Michigan-Made Products

Supporting Michigan-Made Products at Argent Tape and Label

Did you know that Argent Tape and Label makes “Grown in Michigan” and “Made in Michigan” labels? It’s true! Slapping these labels on your Michigan-made products helps our state’s consumers identify locally produced goods, and they identify you as a supporter of our state’s economy by letting anyone who sees your product know that you’re proud to be a local artist, artisan, manufacturer, farmer, or other creator of fine things that come into being within the borders of our beautiful state

Buying Local Supports the Michigan Economy

Buying products made in Michigan is a great way to support our state economy while promoting the talents of the people who reside in our communities. According to the consulting firm Civic Economics, which has studied the impact of local purchases on the economies of a number of U.S. communities, every dollar that you spend on local products and services returns three times more money to the local economy than the money you spend on the same products and services through a national chain.

But it’s not just the money you part with that benefits communities in Michigan. The very act of buying local supports the people who live and work in the state.

Independent businesses employ more people per revenue dollar than national chains, and they tend to support other independent businesses, including accounting, law, and investment firms, designers and printers, local manufacturers, custodial, service, and repair providers. In turn, these independent businesses generate more tax revenue for the local economy than national chains. The result? Stronger businesses and business communities, more residents involved in the decisions that shape our state’s future, and a dramatic impact on the health and vitality of our towns and cities.

Buying Local Supports Michigan Causes

Independent businesses donate twice as much money per dollar earned to local nonprofit organizations, according to a study for the Small Business Association conducted by Oregon State University. The study found that national companies with over 500 employees donated $334 per employee to local organizations, while local businesses with fewer than 100 employees donated an average of $789 per employee.

Buying locally also fosters entrepreneurship, and because local businesses tend to pay higher wages than big chains, it also provides better financial support for Michigan workers and their families.

Buying Local is Better for the Environment

Buying locally made goods has a smaller impact on the environment than patronizing large national chains. Independent businesses that serve the people in their communities use less land, create less air and water pollution, have a smaller impact on public works and safety services, and put less stress on the environment in general than gigantic big-box stores located in strip malls and on huge lots that were once farmers’ fields on the outskirts of town.

Buying Local Helps Communities Thrive

Think about the difference between picking up dinner at McDonalds versus feeding your body and soul at your local Halo Burger. One offers food that’s frozen and flown or trucked-in from who-knows-where, while the other offers fresh food that’s largely locally sourced. One makes a gigantic global corporation super wealthy while the other supports local businesses and families, puts more tax revenue in local coffers, and gives back to the community in spades. One has extremely high employee rollover while the other nurtures its employees. It’s quality versus quantity, loyalty versus the cold, hard bottom line, and environmental stewardship versus wanton destruction of natural resources. It’s a no-brainer!

The bottom line is that local businesses are the bedrock of Michigan communities. They offer products and services that are mindful of the local culture and attentive to the needs, interests, and budgets of local residents. They’re more aware of and concerned about their impact on the economy and the environment, and they foster more vibrant and diverse communities than large national chains.

So contact us at?(888) 293-9052 to purchase your locally-made Made in Michigan or Grown in Michigan stickers from Argent Tape and Label, and spread the word far and wide that Michigan is open for (local) business.

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