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Top Shelf Food and Beverage Labels from Argent Tape & Label

It’s a fact: many consumers purchase food and beverage products simply based on their labels.

Well-designed food and beverage labels can help boost your product sales and market exposure. With thousands of brands in the marketplace, you must create a high-quality and attractive label that stands out.

Argent Tape & Label is the top shelf food and beverage label manufacturer designed to help you win in the food and beverage landscape.

The food and beverage industries pose unique labeling challenges. Packaging must be attractive, but it must also keep foods and beverages fresh and safe for consumers. To meet these objectives, we offer extra strength tape options for food packaging and tamper-evident, RFID and barcode labels. We also offer products that can withstand refrigerated shipping and storage, helping you enjoy your just desserts of industry success.

Additionally, when it comes to both food and beverage labels and packaging, it is essential that brands adhere to FDA policies to ensure product safety for consumers everywhere. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the food and beverage industry and the FDA’s stringent requirements from nutritional and ingredient information, and more, so you can be rest assured that when you partner with us, you are sharing required critical information with consumers.

But we also have the design know-how and access to top-line printing materials and processes to make your products look as good as they taste. Our expert design team can help you create a label that gets your products off the shelves and into the homes of consumers across the country.

We provide a variety of printing possibilities that will help you claim your seat at the head of the food and beverage industry table. From multiple printing options to get the vibrant colors you crave to inventory and product tags that withstand extreme temperature conditions in refrigeration, storage and cooking, Argent Tape & Label is your food and beverage labeling partner that can help you rise above the competition.