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Experience and Innovation Make All the Difference.

 Our vast automotive industry experience allows us to design innovative solutions and deliver on-time and on-budget.

Detroit is known around the globe for its entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity that put the world on wheels. We’re proud to support our iconic, global and local automobile manufacturers and suppliers with their labeling needs for more than two decades.

As the automobile industry continues to transform with exciting new manufacturing and mobility technologies, creating innovative labeling and adhesives that meets the rapidly evolving industry needs is what we do best.

Automotive labels and products must be built to survive extreme conditions without fading or losing their adhesion. At Argent, our labels and 3M products are built for the toughest automotive specs and challenges.

Let us help you succeed!


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Ensuring Patient and Consumer Safety.

Now, more than ever, protecting patients, health care workers and consumers is vital. From tamper resistant proof and evident labels to designing custom labels for operating rooms, clinics and more, we recognize safety and security requires attention to the details, innovative solutions and the ability to produce labels in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials that comply with the rigorous government regulations and industry standards.

Working with the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, we understand the requirements of providing accurate labeling solutions for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and nutraceuticals products. Our innovative technology and precision production process ensures the delivery of your labels within your budget and deadline.

As pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals affect the health and well-being of patients and consumers, our labeling solutions protect these products from contamination and counterfeiting as our labels destroy packaging or leave a visible indication when they are removed.

Let us help you protect your products, patients and consumers!

When Visibility and Speed Matters, We Deliver.

Whether you’re launching a new food and beverage product, rebranding, entering a new market or responding to speed to shelf opportunities, creating and implementing a label strategy that makes your product stand out and attracts customers requires creativity and experience.

We work with our customers to create a customized labeling solution that works both in stores and online to ensure your brand and products are optimized for success. We understand the multitude of factors that must be considered including temperature, humidity, packaging surface and more.

It’s also important to ensure your label and packaging will keep your products fresh, secure and in compliance with the rigorous label regulations. We provide a wide variety of tapes, adhesives, tamper-evident, RFID and bar code label options that work on the shelf and in the refrigerator and freezer. We’ve got you covered.

Let’s us help you make your products stand out!

Food & Beverage


Demanding Environments Require Ingenuity and Durability.

Whatever the environmental challenges your facilities, manufacturing processes or products present, our team will create a custom labeling solution to address them no matter your industry.

Our array of quality control tags, safety and instructional labels are built for the harshest environments with high quality adhesives, materials and products that will enhance your brand and perform for years to come. We also provide a variety of label solutions to ensure your workplace is safe for your employees and in strict compliance with regulatory requirements.

As a manufacturer and supplier to the automotive industry, our firsthand knowledge provides us with a unique perspective and enables us to quickly deliver durable, affordable and tailored solutions.